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Mallorca (online) shopping

Meermin Mallorca Shoes

With the country in lock down and only essential trips into the outside world permitted to visit medical installations or purchase food, medication and tobacco (?) workers-from-home are using online shopping for non-essentials more and more.

I've worked from home for years and wouldn't dream of rolling out of bed for work wearing anything less than a smart/casual outfit: the casual provided by a pair of chinos and a Smedley top, and the smart by a pair of longwing brogues or double monks!

If by any chance I needed to pop out for 20 Rothmans and required some suitable shoes for the trip, then a Mallorcan company which makes luxury shoes at affordable prices and sells online would be my 'go to' virtual shop.

Meermin Mallorca Shoes have been in the business for over 20 years having started as a supplier of officers' shoes to the British and French armies. They now concentrate sole-ly on manufacturing well made shoes using the traditions of the Mallorca leather and footwear industry.

They're able to produce and sell top class shoes at much lower prices than their competitors by using their own factories and eschewing the use of middle men and retailers. They have just three shops in the world and an online store which are the only places Meermin shoes can be bought new.

In addition, each shoe is 90% manufactured in Meermin's China factory where staff have been trained up over the years to an extremely high standard, and then finished by hand by an artisan in Mallorca. Originally, the China factory was used because of the low cost of labour there, but now is used because of the high skill levels!As you can see from the photos I've selected, Meermin's footwear for gents and ladies (they also make bags and belts) encompasses all the classic styles – brogues, Bluchers, monks, Chelsea boots, Jodhpur boots and some of the comfiest loafers you'll ever wear.

I'll be musing over the Meermin Mallorca Shoes online store just as soon as I've finished work today, purely in the name of research of course. Will you join me in there? (At a social distance, of course)