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Fun shoes from Mallorca

Camper for kids

camper twins for kids

Perhaps Mallorca's most famous shoe brand, Camper, has just announced a rather clever, but fun, collaboration with an artist from Mallorca, Aina Bestard.

As you probably know, Camper are world renowned for their somewhat leftfield approach to shoe design, and over the years have come up with some rather funky shoes aimed fairly and squarely at the youth market, as well as some classic yet relaxed footwear for more staid oldies like moi.

They contacted Aina Bestard, from Algaida here in Mallorca, who had previously worked for Camper but now makes a living illustrating books for children. Using a method called the RGB technique in her drawings with the colours Red, Green, and Blue, the drawings change to reveal hidden objects when viewed through special filter spectacles.

She and Camper worked hard to transfer this technique from paper to the canvas of the shoes and came up with a new line in the 'Twins' style – just for kids. Not only are the shoes really unusual, and great to walk in, but with the aid of the specs, they're also a game.

Kids are challenged to find 'What's hidden in the sea?' as the drawings of shells on the shoes change before their very eyes!

Whether bought in the shop or online, the slip on style sneakers come with the special specs to reveal what's going on in Davy Jones' locker. Don't go trying to find these Mallorcan designed shoes just yet though, as they don't appear to be on sale at the moment, as I discovered when combing the whole Camper site looking for the price!