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Tagine tapas in Marratxi

Peccata Minuta

peccata minuta tagine tapas

Two spring traditions in Mallorca combine as gastronomy goes to pot in Marratxi. Every year the small area of Marratxi, famous for its ceramic 'industry' holds its Fira de Fang exhibition come market for its traditional and contemporary pottery.

There are some great examples of craftsmanship available from fairly rough hewn cazuelas to some quite avant-garde works of ceramic art, so well worth visiting if you have room in your luggage allowance!

This year our wonderful gastro-org, Chefs(in) which does so much to promote the cuisine of the Balearic Islands has coordinated one of its gastro-tapas events Peccata Minuta to take place during the Fang Fair.

Taking place on Sunday 15th March at 14:00 to 16:30 in the special marquee erected for the occasion at Verónica de Sant Marçal, the tapas pay homage to the potters by all using the tagine – the Moroccan conical clay cooking pot – for the dishes.

Four chefs are on duty;

Miquel Calent from Can Calent and his 'Tajín Mallorquín.'

Edu Martínez Gil from Brut with a 'Tajín Quechua.'

David Moreno from Can Simoneta and his 'Tajín Mexicano.'

Pep Lluís Mayol from Barretes Restaurant with a 'Tajín Oriental.'

Tickets for this edition of Peccata Minuta are available online for just €10 (click the link for all the location and food info) which you will need to buy in advance as attendance is strictly limited because of the size of the marquee and the amount of food being prepared.

Water is available FOC but if you want anything stronger or want to buy more food, tokens called Chefcoins, can be bought on entry to the tent.