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Paltrow to Palma

Goop at sea

clebrity apex goop cruise

Hundreds of cruise ships dock in Palma throughout the year and for the most part you'd never know where one cruise liner finished and the next one started such is the homogeneity of these giant floating holiday camps.

However when one liner, the brand spanking new Celebrity Apex, docks this year it will certainly stand out from the crowd. The healthy contented glow and aura of its passengers will give a clue that the Gloop Cruise has called into the port of Palma on its trip round the Med.

Billed as 'Wellness on the water' the Gloop cruise is the first seagoing venture of Gwyneth Paltrow's (some say) controversial health and wellbeing business, worth some $250 million, which certainly makes a healthy bank balance for La Paltrow!

Basically it's a standard Med Cruise where, if you've booked a suite (costing about 4 grand according to The Independent) you can upgrade to Goop Class for an extra $750 and engage with Gwyneth and her chief content officer, Elise Loehnen via a Q+A (that's Goopspeak for question and answer session.)

Also on board will be an “incredible roster of cutting-edge doctors, practitioners, and thought leaders to bring you the ultimate wellness experience at sea.” Goopers will also enjoy mind, body, and soul experiences and have access to exclusive restaurants, lounges and areas all designed in a relaxing colourway (Goopspeak for taupe) by Kelly Hoppen.

The cruise sets sail on 26th August and you can find out the details from the Celebrity Cruises' website.