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Temple Natura Café Garden

Vegan oasis in urban Palma

While it's still the month of Veganuary, when we're encouraged to go vegan for at least 31 days and possibly beyond, I thought I'd join in the fun by writing about one of Mallorca's growing band of Vegetarian/Vegan restaurants.

The one I've chosen, the Temple Natura Café Garden, is one for those of us that choose to give up animal based products beyond January because it's closed for holidays until April! Nevertheless, the aptly named Temple is worth the wait because not only does it produce fantastic Vegan food, but it's also a centre for a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Based on 'Temple Street' in Palma, near the temple of the ancient order of the Knights Templar, it's an urban oasis and 'health central' for anyone who treats their body as a temple. Consisting of two parts - a herbodietética store, and a vegan/vegetarian restaurant and cultural centre – which are joined by a beautiful old patio filled with recycled items, ironwork, glass and exposed stone.

The shop stocks organic food, medicine and natural cosmetics, spices, teas, good coffee, products of the soil, plants, flavourings, salts, gifts, decorative items for home and garden. Whilst the restaurant and 'coffee garden' is a great place to relax and unwind with healthy foods or drinking fruit smoothies, cocktails, teas, delicious "Chai", refreshing iced teas or a revitalising fresh lemonade.

As I said, the Temple Natura Café Garden is more than just eating, it's a whole lifestyle concept where courses, exhibitions and talks are held as well as regular sessions of Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Reiki and the likes are held. And just for good measure, when we're all healthied up, they have live music and DJs playing in the evening too!

Well, I've developed a healthy glow just writing this and there are a good many dishes on the menu which are just perfect for me (as a non Vegan) and the grilled vegetables jumps out straight away. You can take a look at the full menu on Temple Natura Café Garden's webpage which also gives details of address, phone, opening times etc if you fancy popping in when it reopens in April.