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Pet Shop Boys for Calvia

Mallorca Live Festival

Pet Shop Boys for Calvia

Here's another update on the progression of Mallorca's biggest live music festival of the year, the aptly named Mallorca Live Festival. Regular readers will know that I've posted the odd article about the festy aimed fairly and squarely at attracting the younger end of the market to the island.

Some of you may have been as baffled as I was when reading the names of the artists – from the fields of electronic and live music - appearing in it! Well the good news, announced just before Christmas, is that the most well known act for both young and old on the bill will be, tah dah, The Pet Shop Boys!

It's the first appearance in the Balearic Islands for the duo who need absolutely no introduction. Yes, Chris Tennant and the other fella, the one in the cap and sunglasses, will be gracing the stage and mostly standing completely still on the third and final day of the festy, 16th May.

Listed as the most successful duo in UK pop (is there any other?) history, the lads have sold 100 million records, been in the top 30 42 times starting with West End Girls, and now almost 40 years later are on tour promoting their new album Hotspot!

That's not bad going for two blokes who were always so wrapped up warm in their big coats that they never looked like they were staying long anywhere! However, fame hasn't done them any harm, as you can see from the photos of them, taken 30 odd years apart, they've hardly changed at all!

Well that's certainly given me a reason to go as I reckon I could sing along to at least three of their top hits! How about you?

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