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Chicote's lunch in Palma

Celebrity chef @ Casa Julio

One of Spain's most famous chefs and TV personalities was out and about in Palma the other day filming for a new TV show he's presenting. Alberto Chicote found fame as a chef by mixing traditional Spanish cuisine with new technologies and pioneering what became known as fusion cooking by adding Asian ingredients to Spanish dishes.

However, his fame and popularity reached a peak when he started presenting a TV show called 'Pesadilla en la cocina.' This is the Spanish equivalent of Gordon F*£$^”*g Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares and follows the same formula with plenty of tears, tantrums, arguments and the odd fight breaking out before Alberto sorts it out!

As you can imagine, once Chicote was spotted around the city, all eyes were focused on where Chef Chicote would have the most important meal of the day, lunch. The answer was Casa Julio on Carrer de la Previsió, 4, (near the big Santa Eulalia church) where he and some of the crew went for a menu del dia.

Casa Julio is one of those fantastic restaurants beloved by local people which provide good, simple food in simple surroundings and which have been popular for years and years. The menu del dia, if you didn't already know is a hearty three course meal at a fixed price and usually changes every day.

It's been the staple for years of the working man (and woman) who crowd into these places every lunch time, and Spanish lunch times are very long and very late, to fill up on great food. If you're ever in dire need of a painter, sparky, hod carrier or merchant banker, just pop into any restaurant like Casa Julio around 2 pm and you'll find one!

So what did the Sleb chef eat at Casa Julio? He and the crew started with a nice simple salad, and enjoyed garlic rabbit as the main dish. Yes, garlic rabbit, garlic, and rabbit, which all sounds a bit fusion to me!

See you at Casa Julio? (photos from Facebook)