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Sa Gropelluda Beer

Sweet red peppers

Sa Gropelluda Beer

A brand new beer has just been launched onto the market whose main ingredient is typically Mallorcan but highly untypical in a beer. Called Sa Gropelluda (a colloquial Catalan word rarely used these days which means a person of good standing) its key ingredient and source of flavour is a Mallorcan sweet red pepper!

Launched by a small drinks and food company in San Lorenzo, Dimoniera Enterprises, the new craft beer uses tap de cortí (or sometimes written quartí) a peeper which these days is only cultivated in Mallorca.

This short triangular pepper has been responsible over the years for giving the colour, aroma, and flavour to many Mallorcan dishes, sausages, and now BEER! It's name comes from its resemblance to the cap (tap) of a bottle called a quartí which is an old Mallorcan measure of liquid, usually wine.

The beer itself is described as a red ale – well, it would be with red pepper in it – that has a suave, soft flavour which is ideal for drinking with typical dishes like sobrasada or pa amb oli or just on its own.

The rather eye-catching label has been designed by Nívola Uyá, an illustrator from Valencia, and if you'd like to add some of her work – on the bottles of course – to your art collection, you'll find Sa Gropelluda in the supermarkets here or you can buy it online at €2.75 per bottle special price!