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Third gastro market for Palma

Ekológica Gastronómico

san juan gastro market

The number of gastronomic markets or food halls in cities all over Europe seems to be increasing at an exponential rate. And why not, as the concept of social dining on good, fast, healthy, and reasonably priced food is just so popular.

Here in Palma we are blessed with two very stylish food halls already, The Mercado San Juan, and 1930, both founded by the same Basque businessman, Fernando Castellanos. The good news for we gastronauts is that he's about to open another!

To be called Ekológica Gastronómico and opening in early December in the Plaza of es Forti, a little out of the city centre, it will be based on healthy, sustainable, Km 0 products with no plastic. Continuing with the ecological theme, Castellanos says, "It will be one of the first spaces in Europe that offers ten different types of cuisine in the same space governed by ecological premises. We want to contribute our grain of sand in the fight against climate change,"

The food stalls in the market will serve up gastro treats from Thailand, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Spain, tapas and pintxos, raw and vegan dishes, and even burgers – all at normal prices.

The location has been chosen as one of Palma's up-and-coming areas, with a new hotel planned there and a large local client base as well as being easy for tourists to get there. The 300 square metre space will have an attractive frontage and will use the same interior designer, Santos Moreno, as San Juan (both photos) which is so very stylish.

Also like San Juan, Ekológica Gastronómico, will have a smaller, more private, space which can accommodate 16 people has been reserved for the "club kitchen", open to workshops, tasting, private dinners, show cooking, book presentations, cocktails and so on.

Sounds like this is going to be another great addition to Mallorca's social/gastro scene.