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Mallorcan sunshine breakfast

Bread, oil, tomatoes, and salt

Remember that old corn flakes advert that proclaimed that it was smart to start the day in the sunshine way? Well you can do that right here in Mallorca by relaxing over breakfast or elevenses (you are on holiday, so no rush to get up at cock-crow) with a typically Mallorquin favourite that is packed full of sunshine.

Locals on their way to work or popping out for a mid morning snack will typically order a strong cafe con leche with pa amb oli (or pa amb tomaquet in Catalonia) which is a slice of lightly toasted country bread, olive oil, salt and crushed vine tomatoes.

The quantities of each vary from place to place and other ingredients like olives, marine fennel, ham, cheese and so on can be added. Whatever the combination the flavour burst of this simple plate is like pure bottled sunshine hitting your tongue.

Truly a sunshine breakfast all the products in the basic pa amb oli have spent months basking under the hot Mallorcan sun. The olives in the fields around Soller, salt quite literally made with the power of the sun as saline water evaporates, the grain for the bread and of course the ripest, juiciest, tastiest tomatoes you'll ever eat.

One local company, Agromallorca, prides itself on its ecological production methods where nothing is added to the product from seed to fruit apart from water and sunshine. They've been producing fabulous fruit and vegetables in this way since 1964 with three generations of the same family at the helm.

Agromallorca has just marketed a new all ecological product Pa amb Oli in handy one portion pot sizes that contain all locally produced ingredients for a delicious sunshine breakfast – oil, salt, tomato – just add bread.

The little plastic (I know, I know) pots are available on the shelves of the big supermarkets in Mallorca – Aldi, Eroski, Mercadona – and are ideal if you're planning a day out somewhere, maybe a hike, cycle ride, or a trip to the beach and want to take a picnic along. Just pop open the pot and pour it over your bread. Simple, easy, delicious.

It's also available in larger jars if you plan to indulge on several days of your hols. All of Agromallorca's products and more can be seen on their website.