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Capa in Color

CaixaForum, Palma

As I write, we're experiencing one of those infrequent spells of bad (ie not blazing sunshine) spells of weather. So as a public service announcement, here's somewhere indoors where you can while away some time and take in some of the best works of one of the best photographers the world has seen.

Palma's CaixaForum has just opened an exhibition of photographs by Robert Capa (1913 – 1954) a Hungarian American who famously lived and died as a war photographer. He will be eternally remembered for his most famous photograph of the exact moment of the death of a Republican soldier in the Spanish Civil War.

However, even though he covered five major wars during his career, not all of his work depicted global conflicts. From 1941 onwards Capa started to use colour film as his modus operandi and began to photograph scenes from the mundane to the hedonistic.

The exhibition in the CaixaForum features “snapshots of women on the beach, horse racing, ski resorts or famous personalities evidenced the reconstruction and exuberance of the postwar years. Published on their day in female magazines or travel, most of these images never saw the light until recent dates. This exhibition allows you to discover how Capa went to colour photography and integrated it into his work as a photojournalist in the 1940s and 1950s.”

It contains over 150 contemporary framed colour photographs, magazine tearsheets, and other related ephemera and runs until the 20th January. It costs just €6 to enter and will be open Mon to Sat 10 to 20 and Sun 11 to 14. (closed at Christmas and New Year)

And don't forget, you can visit this exhibition “whatever the weather!”