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Alcudia – land of the giants

30 groups of giants

The Colla de Geganters d'Alcúdia

Alcudia becomes Brobdingnag on Saturday so we can all get an idea of just how tiny Lemuel Gulliver felt when he visited Jonathan Swifts satirical land of the giants.

The picturesque town in the north of Mallorca celebrates its 11th annual Giants festival when incredible figures stride majestically about the town making us all feel vertically challenged!

Obviously they're not real giants, but enormous 'puppets' made of light wood and material with room inside for a 'driver' who does all the jigging about unseen.

It's a tradition which can be traced back as far as 1630 to Soller with various ups and downs through the years though they are now seen as an essential part of folk custom and heritage.

The giants are an incredible 4 metres tall and normally dressed as Mallorcan country folk with agricultural tools, baskets, fans and musical instruments.

The festival is hosted by the local giants club “The Colla de Geganters d'Alcúdia” who will also be joined by another 20 giants groups from all over Mallorca and far away Menorca to provide the entertainment.

It all takes place in the Plaza de Carlos V in Alcudia town, at 17:30 on Saturday 28th September when the giants will do a bit of dancing and then move on to a big parade throughout the town centre.

Don't miss it if you're in the area – it's a great tradition which is great fun.