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Free water in Mallorca

Same water, less plastic

emaya installing free water fountain

Like other big cities in the world Palma has now installed the first filtered drinking water fountain as just another step in the battle against single use plastic. The fountain is situated in the busy, central Plaza del Mercado square which enjoys a massive footfall of local folks and tourists alike.

Thanks to an anonymous private benefactor, the NGO Cleanwave which is fighting for a plastic free world, was able to install the fountain with help from Palma Council's cleaning 'company' EMAYA who actually installed it and will maintain it too.

Obviously the aim is to reduce the use of plastic water bottles entirely and as this filtered water is FREE it will encourage people to use the same bottle over and over again by refilling it rather than just buy 3 or 4 bottles a day – Mallorca is thirsty work in summer – and then just throw them away. When you think of some of the outrageous prices charged for H2O in some city centre outlets, getting it for free is a positive boon and a real incentive to visit the fountain!

You can actually go one better, by buying an environmentally friendly, and rather funky, vacuum bottle from Cleanwave which will keep your water chilled for 24 hours and will last forever, cutting out plastic bottles in your life entirely.

Cleanwave hope that this is the first of many such fountains all over Mallorca and have already signed up many business supporters and sponsors. Apparently it takes a mere €60 a month to install, maintain, and supply a free drinking water fountain so we can all club together to supply schools, sports clubs and so on to get them.