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A night at the Mallorcan Opera

Los Elementos

It's the 33rd annual opera season at Palma's Teatro Principal and there's a nice surprise for lovers of the genre this year as one of the works to be featured is Los Elementos, written by local boy Antoni Literes! There, I bet you never knew that there was a Mallorcan opera composer before!

Literes composed all kinds of music, but is most well-known for his striking operas and this one is a 'paradigmatic example of chamber opera of the Spanish Baroque' so has got me really interested already as I love a bit of Baroque.

This production comes courtesy of the Juan March Foundation and the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid and another of its unusual features is that all the voices are exclusively female!

Sopranos Olalla Alemán, Aurora Peña, Eugenia Boix, Soledad Cardoso and Lucía Martín-Cartón, in addition to the mezzo Marifé Nogales sing the principal parts in Los Elementos, an allegory about the four elements; earth, air, fire and water, set in the time of the War of Succession.

With such a cast, and such a production, tickets are incredibly cheap at only €8 to €35 at the performance, and as I've said before, you don't get ham rolls and beer at half time at Covent Garden. The Teatre Principal is a great venue and well worth going to if you are in the area – the facts are;

Friday 17th May, 20:00, and Saturday 18th May, 20:00 with tickets on sale by clicking this Link