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New Es Trenc parking

497 Spaces by the beach

es trenc beach

An article about car parking at first sounds about as exciting as the arrival of the new paper clips in the Spotlight office so bear with me. The beautiful, beautiful natural beach of Es Trenc has suffered recently from the sheer volume of people and traffic, and being designated as a Natural Park, something desperately needed doing.

So in an effort from the Balearic Government, the Ministry of the Environment and Campos town council an new environmentally friendly car park is being created ready to open around the end of this month as the season gets into full swing.

The land for the new car park was expropriated at a cost of €168,000 and a further €485,000 spent on surfacing and other works so that 497 cars can be accommodated in the area of Sa Barralina which is about a kilometre from Es Trenc.

Once complete, the car park will be handed over to the local council to run it and all the profits will be ploughed back into the upkeep, maintenance and protection of the es Trenc-Salobrar natural park. As yet the council have not published the charges they will levy for motorists wanting to use the new parking area, but the main thing is that cars will cause less environmental damage to the area.

In exchange for running the parking, the council have agreed to construct a pedestrian pathway so that beach visitors don't cause any damage to native flora and to take charge of clearing litter from the parking area and the beach. A shuttle bus from the car park to the beach is also planned and it is not yet known if the fares for the bus will be included in the parking charges.

As I have neither a photo of the new car park, nor the Spotlight office paper clips, you'll have to make do with a nice shot of the beach!