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Elrow@Origen Fest

Sustainable disco


Off the wall fantasy disco specialists Elrow roll into Palma for a one off unforgettable show in the city's Son Fusteret pop up venue on 9th June. The boys from Barcelona have been the kings of way out wacky electronic music shows for over 10 years now and bring their Enchanted Forest show with a message to all humanity – to promote electronic music, creativity and technology!

They're also keen on promoting sustainability and disco dancers at the show will be able to minimise to the max their impact on the environment by drinking from reusable plastic cups!

Now, I'm no clubbing expert, so I'll let the Elrow brigade describe what this is all about;

Once upon a time there was an enchanted forest in another dimension where reality turns into fantasy and dreams come true. Many believe that once you enter the forest, the wildest corners of a person’s subconscious are aroused. And those crazy enough to actually enter say that they experience inexplicable attacks of craziness and happiness, out of reach of the average human mind. Get ready to be watched by huge trees, to dance with beautiful creatures and laugh uncontrollably until you turn into some fantastic being. Watch out for the apparitions of dark beasts and demons who live in the shadowlands… the most terrifying part of our forest. Jump into the inexplicable lost time zone, create your own world in the elrow forest, our enchanted realm where the music is simply otherworldly!

Nature bursts into life. A charmed life seen through multi-coloured lenses. Walk along beautiful paths until you reach the forest of Light, feasting your eyes on the flowers and plants around you. Roaming packs of unicorns and raindrops of many colours await you. And if you lose yourself in the eternal labyrinth and become entrapped in its depths with its terRowble spider webs, only the special powers gifted to you by the fairies will set you free.”

If you like this sort of thing, it's a great chance to experience the show away from its regular Ibiza summer haunt and tickets can be snapped up at the less than eye-watering Ibiza price of around €39 at the moment.