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Via Crucis in Palma

Good Friday Passion Play

via crucis

Whilst Easter may be a good reason for a few days off work filled with bunnies, egg hunts and Ben Hur on the telly, let's not forget the true reason we celebrate Easter; to commemorate the crucifixion, death and subsequent resurrection of Christ.

Here in Spain, which is still a predominantly Roman Catholic country, there are solemn religious processions all over the country to mark the occasion, and here in Palma a passion play, the Via Crucis, is performed every year on the steps of the cathedral.

This year, the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) which re-enacts in quite gory detail the crucifixion of Christ will be performed for the 34th year in succession with a musical score by local man Llorenç Moyà. It starts at 12:00 mid-day at La Seu on Good Friday 19th April, though if, and the sun doesn't always shine on the righteous, it rains it will transfer to the Church of San Felipe Neri at 12:30.

Performed by members of the Taula Rodona Teatre – there are 24 actors, a singer, and three musicians involved in the play – there will be a few changes this year. A newer, more powerful musical score has been written, the Roman soldiers have new helmets, and a new actor as thief 2 will join Jesus and thief 1 on the crosses on Calvary hill.

Just looking at the photos of the production gives me goosebumps, and I would love to see it live one day. If you're anywhere near, jump at the chance to go!