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Beer Palma

A hundred beers

beer palma

Now I've written about Beer Palma before, and by my own admission, I tend to get a bit carried away by the subject matter, so here is my 'curb your enthusiasm' version of Beer Palma 2019.

From 26th April to 5th May the Beer Palma beer festival will take place in the Parque del Mar open air recreation area by the side of the artificial lake between the cathedral and the sea.

Over 100 varieties of beer from all over the world will be available to drink from the beer stalls arranged around the area and there will be tapas and finger food on tap for hungry drinkers.

Beer will range from craft beers and ales produced not only in Mallorca, but other countries around the world and for designated drivers, unleaded beer will be available.

The idea is to promote Palma as not only a great place to drink beer, but to visit, shop, eat, sight-see, laze on the beach, or take in a bit of culture and art.

So, what else do you need to know? Well, it's free entry and all the beers come in the same measure which will cost between €2 and €5 depending on the strength and variety, and portions of food will be from €2 to €4. No money will change hands at the stalls, punters should buy vouchers valued at €1 at the kiosks by the entrance and exchange them at the beer stalls.

Beer Palma is open for business from Monday to Thursday from 11 until 22 and Friday to Sunday from 11 to 23.