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Shopping Mallorca: TLB shoes

Footwear made to last

I've been reading a lot lately, courtesy of the Manchester Gaurdian, about throwaway fashion and its effect on the environment given the vast amount of the earth's natural resources it takes to produce just on garment and the amount of time synthetic materials take to deteriorate in landfill sites.

It seems that young people these days buy outfits to wear just a few times before discarding them and that the watchwords of the hashtag generation are not just #outfitoftheday, but #outfitforjustoneday!

I'd never really thought of the environmental impact of fashion before as my mantra has always been to buy style, well made classics, that with due care and attention last and last and are neither in, nor out, of fashion. As someone once said, “buy cheap, buy twice.”

We're so lucky here in Mallorca, which has a long tradition of producing well made footwear, particularly in the Inca area, that we can purchase some of the finest shoes in the world right on our doorstep. I've highlighted several shoemakers over the years, and now another 'new' company has joined their number – TLB Mallorca.

TLB Mallorca is a new firm founded by Toni Llobera Barceló, a young artisan skilled in the art of creating handcrafted men’s footwear who blends old traditions courtesy of his father and grandfather, both artisan cobblers, with some contemporary style to produce unique footwear with a twist.

All produced right here in Inca from some of the finest materials available - TLB Mallorca works exclusively with leather tanned using traditional methods, mainly calfskin obtained from the finest French and Italian tanneries – the hall mark of the shoes and belts is quality.

The shoes come in five classic styles; Oxford, Derby, Loafer, Monk, and Boots, and all come in a range of colours, materials and soles. Off the shelf they cost from €365 to €395 which is in the right ball park for a well built pair of Goodyear welted shoes for men, but there is an option to have a pair of custom made shoes constructed just to your liking which would set you back just short of €500

You can click on your choice of leather, colour, sole, width, size, lining, and more and even have your name added in case you ever lose one. I must admit to be rather taken by the idea of a pair of personalised Jodhpur boots with my name writ large inside.

So, given the choice, what would you buy from TLB Mallorca?

Sorry ladies, but they only make men's shoes.