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Environmental campaign

I always find it amazing that what passes for common sense for most people is like one of Einstein's or Hawking's more complicated theories for others. Take a day out in the countryside for example where it's not beyond the wit of man to respect the environment without having to carry a list of 'don'ts' along with you.

Unfortunately it's not the case and how to behave in this strange, natural environment so as not to harm it really does have to be spelled out. Brits around in the 70's will remember the public information film with thick northerners Joe and Petunia on a day in the country where they leave gates open for animals to escape, allow the dog to play with the sheep, litter everywhere and generally annoy the ruddy faced country dancing farmer.

Here in Mallorca, the environmental authorities have released a similar public advice film called 'selfis dominguerus,' a 'Latinised' name for the Selfie Sunday tribe. Using the aesthetics of anthropological programmes a la Desmond Morris, the film satirises the behaviour of a group of Sunday excursionists from the town to the country.

It conveys a simple and easily understood message for the selfis dominguerus, an invasive and negligent species, about their behaviour, and at one point the voice-over states - Marking territory is neither positive for a relationship, nor for a tree!

It's a shame that the authorities have had to do this, but the film treats the subject in a simple but humorous way to make its point. What do you think?