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Afternoon disco delight

Kaelum tardeo 4th anniversary

kaelum tardeo IV

Say the word disco these days and a thousand images of late nights, electronic music and young people's shenanigans are conjured up. For those of you who are a little bit longer in the tooth and who want to have fun surrounded by your contemporaries, shake a tale feather or two and be back in the sack while it's still dark then I give you – Tardeo!

Tardeo, the craze for going out in the afternoon (tarde means afternoon in Spanish) which started in Alicante, rapidly spread to the four corners of the country and is now firmly established in Palma. Basically, lots of people over 30 ish would go out on Saturday afternoon, enjoy lunch, have a few drinks and still want to have fun without having to hang around until 2 am when nightclubs would normally open.

Club owners cottoned on and began to open at around 4 pm and the crowds flocked in. When they flocked out, the clubs could tidy up and reopen for the youngsters. Everybody was happy.

This Saturday, 23rd February, the club that started it all here in Palma, Kaelum on the Avenida Argentina, celebrates its 4th anniversary of afternoon disco delight when it opens its doors at 16:30. It promises to be a fun packed afternoon with happy music, confetti, and lots of dancing.

However, it's not just Kaelum that benefits from the tardeo habit as people pour in form all over Mallorca; the bars around the Santa Catalina barrio are now open early doors for the revellers, and so popular is it proving, that the 'movement' is spilling over onto the Paseo Maritimo.

So, if you fancy dusting off your dancing shoes and enjoying some late afternoon revelry, you know where to go.