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Mallorca Shopping – Mandala

Shoes from Santanyi

Well, Santa Claus and the Three kings have come and gone and it's time to buckle down to the abject pleasures of post Christmas life – work, sobriety and work. But there's light at the end of the tunnel, if like me, you received a fabulous pair of socks for Christmas you'll need to treat them, and yourself to a suitable pair of shoes!

Thanks to some painstaking research wearing out the soles of my 2018 shoes traipsing all over the Internet, I can reveal that the ideal place to get your trophy 2019 footwear is right here in Mallorca.

Mandala shoes in Santanyi have been manufacturing custom and tailor made shoes, where if you wish you can choose the model, colours, leather and other materials, giving you perfect fit and style.

Using the finest materials, precision craftsmanship, attention to detail and finish combined with the aspiration to create unique footwear give rise to superb handcrafted footwear and accessories.

Mandala's shop in Santanyi's Calle Bisbe Verger 34 demonstrates the care and service that goes into each article whose colours, style and form are inspired by the architecture, hues and atmosphere of the town.

You can pop into the store and choose your shoes off the shelf, or visit one of Mallorca's weekly markets where Mandala have stalls, or buy off the Internet where you can choose from dozens of designs, varied materials and a wide range of top quality leathers in a range of combinations and colours.

As they say;

Every step of production is guided by talented craftspeople. Integrating the Goodyear hand-sewn technique, innovation and style guarantees the creation of an exclusive, high-quality product that is made to last and, most importantly, comfortable.”

I can personally vouch for everything written above, because I've had a fabulous pair of Mandala toecap semi-brogues now for at least 15 years which are still going strong; comfortable, durable and with minimum maintenance – a good dollop of beeswax polish every now and then.

I think I paid about €90 for them and these days a pair will set you back around €250/300 but they're built to last and will repay every cent of your outlay. There are ranges for men, women and golf with all the classic styles – monk, derby, loafer, brogue, etc represented. Take a look – Mandala Shoes Mallorca.