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Gone Fishin'

Sailor for a day

Mallorca is leading the way in a novel and pioneering tourist activity thanks to a new business start up last year. The island is the first area in the whole of Spain to offer Pescaturismo excursions around the beautiful coastline of Mallorca and beyond.

You've probably guessed that this is 'fishing tourism' where punters can go out for a trip in a genuine fishing boat crewed by professionals who earn a living catching fish and seafood to take back to the quayside in ports like Soller and Alcudia.

The great thing about fishing in the Med in the summer is that we don't need to wrap up in oilskins, sou'westers and hand knit ganseys but more a case of shorts, t-shirts and plenty of sun lotion as we enjoy a day on the blue, blue sea.

Last year, the first of the scheme, saw over 800 of all nationalities people spend time aboard boats of all shapes and sizes and helping to catch fish also of all shapes and sizes. This year, because of Mallorca's promise, fishermen's guilds on the mainland's tourist areas will also be offering these excursions.

The trips are offered from 13 ports in Mallorca, so wherever you are you'll be close enough to your embarkation point. Trips last from 3 to 12 hours and are priced according to their duration and number of people on board.

On the trip you get to enjoy life on board, help with the fishing, take in the views – you may get to see whales and dolphins – have a refreshing dip in the Med, and best of all, splice the mainbrace and get to sample some freshly caught and cooked fish

I must admit, I'm already hooked (yes, I did mean to say that) as not only is it a great day out on the sea, but also a way of seeing how people have supported themselves and earned a living for hundreds of years.

You can find all the details on https://www.fishingtripmajorca.co.uk/ in English, Spanish, German and Catalan. Now all I need to do is practise saying 'ahoy there me hearties' and 'shiver me timbers' in Spanish!