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Golf is big business

€166m to Mallorca

alcanada golf course

Whether it's true or not, I always think of golf aficionados as being fairly wealthy. Membership of clubs and course fees always seem expensive, the equipment costs a packet, and then you have to get someone to carry it for you, and those outrageous trousers must cost a fortune!

On top of this, golfers are well known for jetting off on holiday to practise their favourite sport. Just take a look at the golf bags coming off the luggage belts at Palma airport in spring and autumn when the weather is ideal for strolling round an 18 hole course.

Mallorca is truly well blessed with excellent courses and excellent weather and attracts many, many golfers every year who like to splash their cash. Nineteen of the island's 21 courses belong to a Mallorca Golf Network which has just published figures to show how economically important they are to the economy

With eight of every ten rounds being played by foreign visitors – 44% Germans, 14% British, and 10% Scandinavians – and the majority of them played in the 'off' season, every Euro spent goes a long way.

The golf courses themselves took €88 million last year which is comprised of green fees, restaurant and accommodation spending. When the multiplier effect of this spending is applied, it is calculated that the Mallorcan economy benefits to the tune of €166 million.

Not only do golfers spend on hotels, restaurants, car hire, air fares, and probably presents for their wives, but their presence provides stable employment for many local people. Unlike many hotels and seasonal tourist attractions, golf courses tend to employ people on permanent contracts and also on a full time basis.

The courses here are not only challenging and award winning, but are also almost breathtakingly beautiful in some stunning locations. Take a look at our golf section to find all the details.