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Mobiles for chocolate swapsies

Can Joan de s'Aigo

Perhaps Palma's most iconic and emblematic cafe, Can Joan de s'Aigo, has introduced a great new initiative to bring back the halcyon days when people sat and talked to each other whilst taking coffee.

If you've never been or even heard of it, Can Joan de s'Aigo is a chocolate house/ice cream parlour/cafe which was founded in 1700 by (you've guessed it) Joan de s'Aigo. It's had several different owners since then and even changes of, and new premises, and in 1976 moved to its current HQ in Carrer Can Sanç where it maintains all its traditions.

One new tradition they're trying to discourage though is people with glazed eyes fiddling with their smart phones and return to the days when we had a bit of a conversation over our ensaimadas, vanilla ice cream and a warming carajillo.

So, for a couple of days, yesterday and today, they're giving away free thick, dark and sweet cups of hot chocolate – a house speciality - to the kids of any adult who leaves their phone with the waiter for the duration of their stay.

The phoneless hour is from 17 to 18 and all the precious pieces of high tech kit are places in little plastic bags in an ensaimada tray awaiting collection by their twitching angst driven owners. Obviously you can pay the cafe – there are three branches open now – a visit whenever you feel like it, as with three centuries of tradition and expertise behind them, they know what they're doing with pastry!

See their Facebook page for all the details.