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Pipper on tour

Dog Friendly tourism

pipper on tour

Pipper the Jack Russell terrier is rapidly becoming one of the most famous dogs in Spain and whose fame is now spreading worldwide. His singular duty is to investigate and publicise dog friendly venues throughout the country for those of us who can't bear to parted from our best friends and take them with us on holiday.

Reporting to over 40,000 social media followers on all the usual channels (@pipperontour) and with his own website in Spanish and a special English version he checks out hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, beaches and so on where dogs are welcome. This week he's in Mallorca and has asked us all to mail in suggestions for dog friendly places to feature in his reporting.

The other side of the coin is that Pipper is also out to demonstrate that dogs who are well trained and controlled by responsible owners don't trouble any other clients and that there is a demand by such owners for places to take their dogs.

I'm such an owner and have like Pipper's taken my dogs all over Spain on tour and generally had no trouble in hotels and bars because I had a dog. Strangely, the place I found least dog friendly as regards hotels was Mallorca, where when I needed last minute accommodation for a night when my ferry was cancelled spent two hours driving around many hotels trying to find one to let us in with our well behaved dog.

Pipper is staying at the Joan Miro Museum Hotel in Palma which would be quite handy for our recommendation, Claxon, where both he and his master can dine together!