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Christmas in Mallorca

La Noche de la Luz

With temperatures still in the mid to high 20's, people lounging about on the beaches and comfortably dining al fresco on balmy evenings it seems strange to be talking about Christmas already. Like many places, the festive season in Mallorca seems to start earlier and earlier every year and 2018 will see the start of the Christmas illuminations in Palma earlier than ever.

The date for the big illuminations switch on will be Thursday 22nd November from 5pm onwards. It seems that Palma council have listened to the commercial and retail sectors in their decision to bring the date forward because the following day is one of the biggest shopping days in the whole year – Black Friday.

For security reasons the switching on ceremony can't be held on Black Friday as the streets will be absolutely thronged with people, so Thursday it is! The council have titled the festivities La Noche de la Luz (the night of light) and have arranged a series of 12 mini spectaculars as entertainment in different parts of the city to prevent any one area becoming snarled up.

Planned are laser shows, audiovisual 'mapping,' projecting images onto the facades of emblematic buildings, acrobats, circus artists, artistic and mobile objects illuminated in the streets, human castles, street parades and batucadas. If that doesn't impress you then the Christmas lights themselves are a joy to behold with no gaudy colours, just a relaxing minimalistic white and silver theme going on with stars, baubles and tree lights.

I hope that my holiday snaps from my phone give an idea of just how pleasant the lights are and more importantly, how relaxing – just look at how many people are on the streets – the Christmas period is in Mallorca. My wife and I always have a few days break in the city in December, it's such a pleasure. Give it a try one day.