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Total eclipse of the moon

Best from the Bealearics

blood moon eclipse

The total eclipse of the moon this Friday will not only be the longest eclipse this century, but it will be best views from right here in Mallorca. Astronomers have calculated that on Friday 27th July the eclipse of the moon will commence at 20:25 until 00:19.

Now what makes this particular eclipse special is that the moon will be in its full phase and will turn a blood red colour – hence the name blood moon – which will be visible for one hour and 43 minutes from 21:30 to 23:13. However, because of Mallorca's geographical location, it is one of only a very few places that will actually witness the whole process lasting nearly four hours!

Spain's National Observatory (photo) explains why the moon takes on this blood red colour;

The moon turns deep red or reddish brown because part of the sunlight that passes through the Earth's atmosphere curves around the edge of the Earth and falls on the surface of the moon. The Earth's air also scatters more light of shorter wavelength (in colours such as green or blue). Therefore, what remains is the longest wavelength, the reddest end of the spectrum.”

The boffins there also advise that to see it in all its bloody glory is to find somewhere with very little artificial light pollution to appreciate the show. Let's hope that the meteorologists can predict some clear skies for us all to see it.