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Mallorca's mountains from Benidorm!

Long range photography

fernando prieto's photo of mallorca from benidorm

Here on Spotlight we've seen photographs of Mallorca's Tramuntana mountains taken from Barcelona – a physical impossibility given the Earth's curvature – with the aid of a mirage like effect called the Fata Morgana. Now, a photographer and blogger from the mainland has released some incredible shots of Mallorca taken from Benidorm.

Fernando Prieto (see his blog here) had to do an awful lot of preparation work combined with a little luck to get the photos. A good camera was essential, a 3 am start to ascend to his viewing point, some scientific calculations courtesy of the Azimuth table to plot the course of the sun, and clear, cloudless skies were all needed.

Fernando took the photos from the peak of Puig Campana, which at 1406 metres is Alicante's second highest mountain and can be seen right behind the popular resort of Benidorm. In them the peaks of Mola de s’Esclop (926 metres) on the left, and Puig de Galatzó (1,027 metres) can be seen clearly, highlighted by the rising sun immediately behind them – an effect which Prieto calls a mountain eclipse of the sun.

I think the photos are incredible, particularly when you think the the peaks are 258 kilometres distant as the crow flies, and certainly required a lot of dedication to take them.