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Cala Santanyi stays blue

All hands to the pump

cala santanyi

Cala Santanyi is such a picturesque little place; a rocky cove with a finger of crystal clear blue sea lapping gently on the soft golden sand. Unfortunately it is this very geography that besmirches its appearance in the hot summers when the sea turns a yellowy-green.

Because the cove is comparatively long and narrow, there are few sea currents to flush out the seawater and this stagnancy, combined with high temperatures and long hours of sunlight, helps to propagate an alga which flourishes and turns the water an unpleasant colour.

It's a problem which has happened in other parts of Mallorca and so much research and many tests have been carried out. The environmental boffins have declared that the alga is harmless to humans, and the humans have declared by their actions that they don't want to swim in it!

The mayor of Santanyi, mindful of how important tourism is to his municipality, has swung into action, and with the permission of the coastal authorities who are responsible for all Spain's beaches, is going to employ man-made sea currents in Cala Santanyi.

The council (photo) are installing a powerful underwater propulsion pump and a system of tubes which will flush out and regenerate the seawater to prevent the alga from flourishing so that beach users will be able to enjoy the azure waters all summer.

Well, this is definitely one case where 'going green' isn't such a good thing!