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Abaco – go while you can

Abaco bar, Palma to close

I can't believe it, Abaco bar in the Lonja area of Palma will close forever at the end of next year. The owners of the building occupied by Abaco since 1981 want to convert it into a hotel so when the tenancy agreement expires on 31st December 2019 it's curtains for the bar!

I don't think that there could be a more emblematic bar in Palma, or Mallorca, or even Spain than Abaco. It truly is one of a kind and is akin to entering another world and another era as you pass through the enormous wooden doors into a Baroque utopia.

A cornucopia of fruit, flowers, colours, columns, arches, dark wood and an enormous fireplace where giant logs crackle merrily in the winter greets you as you enter. Smart waiters in uniform bring cocktails and long cool drinks in crystal glasses whilst you lounge in shabby chic period furniture, candles flicker and classical music plays in the background.

The building, C'an Marcel is an old noble manor house and the enormous doors allowed horse drawn carriages to enter the porch, which now forms the bar. Ascending the Rococo style staircase, (you'll need to do this to get to the toilets) we get a glimpse of how life was for the rich of Palma with room after room decorated in rich, gorgeous colours.

No wonder The Times declared it 'the most notable bar in the world,' in 1984. If you've never been, you must visit, and if you have been, you'll want to go again before it closes. Now, it's not cheap, but my goodness, it's worth it.

I make a point of going, every time I visit Palma and my photographs in the gallery have been taken over many years and after a couple of giant gin and tonics, some of them may be a bit shaky. Take a look at Abaco's own website for some spectacularly better shots of the place.