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More sand for Cala Bona

Electrostatic spraying!

cala bona seafront

A couple of years ago I wrote that Cala Bona was to replenish the diminishing amount of sand on its three 'artificial' beaches. Around 1500 tonnes of sand was dumped on the seaside stretches of rock and shingle to make them into soft sandy beaches worthy of being sat upon by we tourists.

Unfortunately, time and tide, which as well as waiting for no man, have eroded the sand, particularly in the winter when Mallorca experienced some terrific storms and high seas. Now the council are going to replenish the sand once again, this time using new technology ESS, which I hope means Electrostatic spraying as I've used it as a sub headline.

Council boffins say that ESS is an innovative, cutting edge technology which is respectful of the environment and an effective form of permanent protection for the sand which can even increase with the summer wave swells!

It'll cost about €400,000 but is money well spent by the council as everybody from the hotel owners, businesses, tourists and local folk like to enjoy and benefit from nice stretches of sandy beach in the resort.