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Funky electric scooter hire

Gliding silently around town

electric scooters

The newest holiday fad to hit Mallorca is the electric scooter and it's proving tremendously popular in the Playa de Palma/Arenal resort where there's a long stretch of mainly traffic free promenade where these funky little machines can glide silently along for kilometre after kilometre.

Down in Benidorm the electric wheelchair is king of the promenade, but the electric scooter has at least 6 degrees of separation from them. With big chunky tires that grip the road, give a comfortable ride and with the style of a Harley Davidson you can unleash your inner Easy Rider as you coast along at an unashamedly fast 25 kph!

The good news about the scooters is that you only have to be 16 or over to ride one. Classed as Personal Mobility Vehicles, no license is required to ride one, and they are popular because they are clean, silent and promote sustainable mobility.

A local company, Vision Car 2000 sl, hires the scooters which come in 3 styles; the citycoco, harley (photo), and American trike, which can all carry one or two people. They can all zoom along at 25 kph with a speed limiter or a 'feel the breeze in your hair' 45kph without the limiter and can all travel from 60 to 80 km on a full tank of electricity.

Prices are €20 or €25 per day which includes tax and insurance and you can choose extras like helmets (which are not obligatory on a PMV) and so on. They look like a fun way to travel and are ideal for getting about in the city – my photo shows some I saw in Madrid last month – on hot days.