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Fake footy shirts confiscated

6,200 Germany jerseys

german world cup team

This week a combined operation of the Spanish customs authorities and the Guardia Civil confiscated 6,200 fake football jerseys from a warehouse in Arenal. Not surprisingly, given the popularity of the resort with young German holidaymakers, the vast majority of the jerseys were the the two current German strips being used in the World Cup.

The so called 'Risk Analysis Unit' had had the warehouse under observation for a while and noted that it was the main distribution centre for the counterfeit items which were being sold on the beaches and streets of Playa de Palma by the African street hawkers known as Looky Looky men or Top Manta here in Mallorca.

The warehouse was raided last week and all the items confiscated and now the authorities are hoping to identify all involved. At the time the street value of the jerseys was put at around €180,000, which using the power of mathematics is about €30 a pop!

The current value of the jerseys is approximately €0 and the authorities are starting to investigate the theory that someone actually counterfeited the German players, seen above wearing genuine football jerseys!

Photo courtesy of the official Bundesliga website