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Taxistas fashionistas

Taxi driver makeover

rafa nadal taxi advice

You've probably noticed whenever you get into a taxi in Mallorca that they're always immaculately clean, sweet smelling and pristinely polished. Most drivers spend their waiting time dusting and polishing, and the all night car wash near me is busy with them at all hours of the morning.

Now, the taxi drivers (taxistas) of Calvia in Mallorca are wanting to improve the image of their guild – all 214 members – in a pioneering move to combat possible future competition from the likes of Uber and up their public profile by donning uniforms! Apart from the Canary Islands no other taxi guild in all Spain is uniformed, though some are thinking about it.

The president of the taxistas' association, Mari Carmen Navarro, and the local council are in favour and it seems certain that the motion to dress up will be passed at the next meeting of the drivers this week. The council, which issues taxi licenses, already has rules of sartorial decorum which include no driving in stiletto heels or braces less than 3 cm wide!

Obviously, no uniform has been decided upon yet, but it looks likely that it would include pleated trousers (or maybe shorts in summer) with a navy blue polo shirt, shirt or blouse which would suit either gender. So without any catwalk photos of the new taxi driver kit, I've used a photo of Rafa Nadal, who's done a bit of fashion modelling himself, to illustrate the article.

I'm looking forward to seeing both drivers and cars as equally well turned out in the near future, how about you?