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Across Mallorca – by drone

Superb videos from on high

Quite by chance I came across a superb video of Mallorca's incredible Sa Calobra canyon and beach on Instagram the other day. It's truly a spectacular place and perhaps made even more interesting because of the degree of difficulty getting there – either by boat on what can be rough waters or on one of Mallorca's most testing roads chock full of hairpin bends.

Take a look at the video, it captures the amazing landscape (which was once used as a setting in one of the fantasy Sinbad films) so perfectly. It won't come as any surprise in this day and age that the bird's eye shots were achieved using a drone, technology which has made such camera angles almost obligatory in Film and TV at the moment.

It was made by a company called Reborn Drones which is based in Andratx and uses the technology to enhance promotional videos for the likes of luxury yacht companies, real estate agencies and even bars and fitness clubs!

Let's face it, there's no better way of showing off your skills and what you can do by producing a cracking video using all your best techniques. Luckily for us, Reborn Drones have their own YouTube account where we can see their excellent videos which at the moment feature Cala Matzoc, Cala Mitjana, Puerto Andratx, Sa Calobra, and my favourite, Gorg Blau in the snow.

And there are lots more videos and photos on their Facebook page if you wish to watch a few more – they're really good.