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Mallorca street art

Joan Aguiló

For many people street art is a bit like Marmite, they either love it or they don't. I've never tried Marmite but I do admit to a penchant for street art when it's done well and here in Mallorca we are blessed with some very talented, very creative street artists who are so good that they are now not only accepted, but welcomed by the authorities and institutions on the island.

One such street artist is Joan Aguiló who no longer has to work under cover of darkness and whose spray paintings can be seen in many municipalities in Mallorca, Spain and other European countries. The vary in size and scale from tiny to enormous, covering enormous facades of apartment blocks, hotels, hospitals and the latest work at the Indoor market of Inca.

There Aguiló, with the aid of mountains of scaffolding and a hydraulic crane, is painting a mural depicting a mother and daughter to celebrate the International day of the mother and child which has been commissioned by Inca Council, a health institute and the tourism authorities.

Whilst many of his themes show his social conscience, many are just joyful celebrations of holidays, childhood and fun in the sea or beach, the sort of thing which would brighten up the dullest urban area in the middle of winter.

Have a look at the slideshow of photos above or take a look on the Joan Aguiló website and see if you recognise any of his work when out and about in Mallorca this year.