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Carnaval is coming!

Mardi Gras in Mallorca

poster for palma rueta parade

Pretty well everyone in Europe and Latin America will be familiar with the riotous few days which constitute Carnival, Carnaval or Mardi Gras, whatever its name in their part of the world.

Poor Brits with their pancakes and lemon juice must feel a bit left out whilst everyone else dresses up in costumes, lets their hair down and generally has a really good time.

Carnaval (from the Latin goodbye to meat) is the last blowout we can have before the fasting period of Lent starts and lasts for a looooooong 40 days and nights.

Here in Mallorca every town and village has some kind of party, parade and celebration, and unsurprisingly Palma, the capital and biggest city, has the best parade with thousands of people taking part and quite literally hundreds of thousands of spectators on the streets to watch and have fun.

This year the two big parades take place on Sunday the 11th February with a kids' party (Rueta) early in the day and the adults' bash (Rua)in the evening. Every year the council organises a competition to find the best poster to publicise Carnaval and this year's winners have just been announced.

Isabel Lima Flores won €400 for her poster for the adults' parade and Marina Pascual López aged 9 ¾ won some books in the under 16's category for the kids' parade.

Take a look at the posters, and if you're thinking of a weekend break in Mallorca soon, round the 11th February would be just perfect.