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Good times at Soller station

Antique clock restored

soller station

The lovely old clock that has marked time at Soller station since in opened in 1912 has now been restored to its former glory and working order. It hadn't functioned for a long time until a good Samaritan with a knowledge of clockwork systems came to the rescue.

Watchmaker José Luis Forteza, who is also a member of the Association of Friends of the Balearic Railways, gave his time and expertise free to restore the wonderful clock which had remained trapped in time for 10 years with completely immobile workings.

It's a perfect example of railway clock memorabilia and was assembled in a workshop in Morez, France some time between 1880 and 1920 judging by the machinery used in it though it is likely to have been installed at the station in April 1912 when it opened.

Jose Luis had the clock in his workshop for several months to remove the rust of ages and restore all the workings and counterweights to their original condition. It's now back on the wall by platform 1 in a splendid new case made by one of the Soller Railway's restoration team.

Now all that is needed is for someone to wind it up every week for it to keep perfect time. It's one of a trio of identical timepieces; one at the Palma station and another at Son Sardina, which is also broken. The good news is that Jose Luis is about to start on its restoration almost immediately.

I think that it's fantastic that someone cares enough about beautiful old things which form part of Mallorca's heritage and I shall certainly take more notice of the clocks the next time I'm on the station.

Photo courtesy of Topar Construcciones who carried out restoration works on the Soller Station and Can Prunera buildings in town