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AES+F The Feast of Trimalchio

Cool art house film at Es Baluard

The Feast of Trimalchio

Here's a cool way of getting out of the scorching summer heat of Mallorca when you feel like a breather. It's a cool art house film, The Feast of Trimalchio, shown in the coolest of cool venues, the aljub of the Es Baluard Museum in Palma.

If you didn't already know, Es Baluard is a thoroughly modern piece of architecture juxtaposed in the ancient city walls and bastions (baluard means bastion) dominating the seafront of Palma. Beneath it lies the aljub, a vast cavernous structure which was one an enormous water storage cistern dating back to the occupation by the Moors.

It has no windows, and because it is underground, remains at a cool temperature and has great acoustics. It's the perfect venue for this mind blowing audio/visual production by a group of Russian artists, AES+F. Three large curved screens are used for projections of the film which when combined with the amazing soundtrack make for an all enveloping experience in the darkness of the aljub.

Es Baluard says of it, 'This group of artists has been working together since the late ‘eighties and their work is characterised by the use of digital effects and high-technology treatment mixing languages of advertising, popular culture, the most famous myths or classical painting, to pose different questions on contemporary society where violence, war or the drift towards mass consumerism are some of the problems set forth.'

I think the film is absolutely fascinating, even just watching it on my TV at home, it has the feel of a fashion shoot combined with a ballet on some sort of fantasy island. What it must be like to be encompassed by it all is almost beyond imagination.

Part of the 'tourism' season at Es Baluard, it runs from 14th July to 17th September, and costs an extra €4 on the normal entry fee of €6 to get in. However, if you go on a Friday you can choose to make a donation of as much or as little as you like to enter.

If you go, don't forget that there's a lovely cafe restaurant up on the battlements with great views of the harbour, and the souvenir shop has some really nice gifts!