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Santuari de Cura Hotel

A place to unwind totally

By and large we all come on holiday to find something we don't have at home be that sunshine, 24-hour karaoke bars, carefree lively atmosphere, or in many people's cases total relaxation from the stresses and strains of working life. Well, if it's the latter that you crave then I've got just the place for you.

Sitting high atop a hill which seems to erupt suddenly to a height of over 500 metres above the flat central plain of Mallorca near Randa, is one of the most peaceful tranquil hotels you could imagine. It's the Santuari de Cura and the clue to its style and philosophy is in the name 'Sanctuary.'

Founded by reformed rascal and then philosopher Ramón Llull as a hermitage, it's the place he experienced repeated visions of Christ, which later became a place of pilgrimage and a Franciscan Monastery.

Now a hotel and excellent restaurant, the beautiful stone building is a spacious, simply decorated haven of calm which the Franciscans would still appreciate though they probably wouldn't get to grips with some of the more modern trappings like Wi-Fi, air-conditioning and hot showers!

I really like the look of the rooms, they're comfortable in an uncluttered way, and with only 23 of them, you're assured a high level of personal service from the multilingual staff. The best thing about them is the view; at over 500 metres above a plain you can see for miles – to the mountains in the west and right down to the twinkling lights of Palma and its bay to the south west. It's said that 30 municipalities of Mallorca can be seen from this vantage point, the Puig de Randa.

The monks would certainly approve of the restaurant, which by repute serves some of the best food in Mallorca and the top table has a wonderful view of Palma. There's no pool, but there are special areas for yoga and meditation – the bar terrace and a glass of wine would be my spot for contemplation – and the Santuari is in an ideal position for hiking, cycling or other activities.

And what's the best thing about it? The price! It's really good value. I tested a couple of nights in September and got a price of around £80 per night in a double room. Take a look yourself on our hotel section, you'll be amazed.