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Mallorca shopping: Royal Enfield

Classic bikes and accessories in Palma

A brand new shop selling one of the great British classics has just opened in Palma as the iconic motorcycling name of Royal Enfield arrives in the city after 116 years! Mallorca, an island with years of motorcycling history and popularity has benefited from the new found popularity of classically styled bikes from the glory days before the Japanese cornered the mass market.

The shop, for want of a better word, is located zouk-like in Palma's motorcycle shop district on Calle Manuel Guasp (or Guasch) 7 near to El Corte Ingles on Las Avenidas. However, it's not just a shop selling motorcycles, but more of a concept/lifestyle/museum area where aficionados can get together, marvel at the machines on display, admire old photos and pieces of motorcycling memorabilia and of course buy a bike.

palma royal enfield shop

The range of bikes for sale in the shop includes the Continental GT 535cc café racer at €5399, the postwar Classic 500 at €4849 and the iconic Bullet, in production since 1932, at €4499. Now for most readers, buying a classic bike whilst on a sunshine holiday is a bit unlikely, but splashing out on some new clothes isn't, and we northern Europeans will find the perfect outfit in Royal Enfield.

Their brand is all about clothes designed for the cold, wet, windy conditions encountered when dispatch riding and so is just ideal if you're going back to Manchester after your break. There's a range of clothing that will kit out the stylish gentleman from top to toe in gear and accessories – boots, trousers, belts, shirts, jumpers, jackets, and some fabulous tote and messenger bags – that will keep out any inclement weather.

Why not go for a browse if you're in Palma?

Fast facts

Royal Enfield Mallorca,

Calle Manuel Guasch, 7,

Tel : +34 971 666 094

email: palma@duesrodes.com

Monday to Friday: 09:30 to 13:30 and 16:00 to 20:00