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Mallorca Observatory for sale

It wasn't written in the stars

One of Mallorca's most unusual building complexes is up for sale in unfortunate circumstances. It's the island's planetarium and observatory in Costitx, built only 26 years ago and now on the market because of the bankruptcy of the Association which owns it, the Astronomic Observatory of Mallorca.

mallorca observatory

The association's administrator is hoping to sell the entire complex which has been valued at €1.7 million within 6 months, or failing that, to then split the plot into smaller sized portions in the hope of selling all the constituent parts separately.

It's a big task which is not made any easier as the local council has not yet finalised the uses to which the observatory can be put after the sale. The space age installation, looking like something from a science fiction film, comes on a plot of 2300 square metres and consists of a series of domes which house the star gazing telescopes, a cafe, Astropark and the emblematic planetarium building.

If you were rolling in money, it would certainly make a fantastic futuristic house which you could fill with technological items that haven't even been invented yet – a phone with a screen that lets you see who you're talking to, a cylindrical speaker in the kitchen that tells you what the weather is doing, or a silent vacuum cleaner for example!

If the sale goes through, the money will be used to pay off some of the association's creditors who are jointly owed €1.8 million. It does seem such a shame that this has happened, particularly when the observatory was really popular during special astronomical events like the Perseid meteor shower each year.