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Mallorca in thousands of photos

Juan Garcia's time lapse is a labour of love

A local artist has just released two fantastic time lapse videos of Mallorca and Palma which were truly a labour of love and a lesson in pure dedication. Juan Garcia, who describes himself as a citizen of the world – having been born in Casablanca, lived for many years in Paris and now based in Mallorca – is a designer and photographer who spent months of painstaking labour on this latest project.

Mallorca Time-lapse "una isla sorprendente" from Juan Garcia on Vimeo.

The two videos he has produced of the island as a whole and its capital city Palma, which last around 6 or 7 minute, involved months of work, around 4000 photographs each and a distance travelled of around 6000 kilometres! The time lapse process, which involves taking lots of photographs over a long period of time and then cobbling them together at high speed means that for around 10 seconds of film, around 300 photographs are taken in about 20 minutes!

Palma Time-lapse "una ciudad sorprendente" from Juan Garcia on Vimeo.

The 63 year-old artist started work on the project in August 2015 and reckons he has spent around 3000 man hours on it to get it produced for its release last week. The work is just so good- quality, production and soundtrack – as you can see from the videos I've reproduced here.

I could spend hours watching them, looking out for all the places I know and love, and wondering where the places I don't recognise are. What about you?