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Mallorca Sports: Bungee

White knuckle jumps from a lighthouse?

The Cabo Blanco lighthouse has stood sentinal over the Bay of Palma for over 150 years ensuring that ships within the 15 nautical miles range of its beam come to no harm. However its perfect position atop towering cliffs 95 metres high which gives its beam such visibility is also ideal for an idea to attract tourists by the Llucmayor council – bungee jumping.

cabo blanco bungee

The council want to maximise use of the area, which is currently little visited by constructing a platform from the lighthouse out over the cliffs above the sea far below which could be utilised for the dare-devil activity of bungee jumping. Called Lighthouse Bungy Mallorca (sic) the project envisages the revitalisation of the area whichvhas been affected by vandalism over recent years.

There are no details of costs or timetables yet, but already environmental groups are protesting about the project, saying that the area is a bird sanctuary. You can see their point as let's face it, if you were a nesting crow or hawk, you'd be pretty upset about strange humans in goggles and hard hats hurtling past at the speed of gravity on the end of a giant elastic band!

I won't be giving it a go myself, but I'm interested enough to see what transpires, how about you?

Photos from the Balearic Ports Authority and Llucmayor Council.