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Good wine forecast

Mallorca wine quality up on last year

It's been a long, hot, dry summer in Mallorca which has been great for some and not so good for others. Obviously the many millions of tourists who visited to lie and sizzle on the beaches and poolsides of the island just loved it, but it was a different story for those making a living off the land.

The heat and drought conditions just weren't conducive to certain crops and plants with yields down and many trees literally dying of thirst. The wine sector was also affected, but in a good way overall. The dry, sunny conditions actualy promoted the growth of the grapes in a way which increased all the factors that make a really good wine so the quality of the brews we'll be drinking next year will be better.

grape harvest

I'm no expert in wine production, though having drunk it for nearly 50 years I'll have a go at explaining what's happened with the aid of a few quotes from the producers in the Binissalem DO region, which encompasses 13 different bodegas.

They actually produced over 2 million kilos of grapes, 3% more than last year with the main varieties being Cabernet Sauvignon and Gorgollassa. However the drought promoted some extraordinary 'behaviour' from the grapes - 'a homogenous and complete maturation together with an excellent sanitary condition' - particularly the native varieties Mantonegro and Callet which give Mallorcan wine its uniquely special characteristics.

Now, whilst the dry conditions reduced the yield of some of the older vines, the introduction of younger vines actually helped to increase production. Over half of the wine produced features indigenous varieties of grape – Mantonegro, Callet, Giró Ros, Gorgollassa, Moll – which as I've said makes Mallorcan wine so unique.

I'm already looking forward to having the odd tipple of this year's vintage and if you are and want to find out more about the wines why not take in one of the organised wine tours available in the area? Take a look at an article I wrote a few years ago for more info.