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Photographic Tales of Hofmann

Photogenic Palma - 4th in Spain

The giant digital 'photobook' company Hofmann - “Europe's leading online digital photo service with more than 30 million members” - has just published some rather interesting statistics about the location of photographs taken by its users. They reveal that Palma is the fourth most snapped Spanish city behind only Barcelona, Madrid and Seville!

It's not that difficult to see why this might be, with the extremely photogenic city providing a host of opportunities to take superb holiday snaps – its monumental buildings like the Cathedral, city walls and Bellver Castle, interesting architecture from across the centuries, its magnificent seafront with yachts, megayachts and cruise ships toing and froing, and many, many more.

el molinar, palma

I've used a couple of photos I took on my holidays (in January and March) which illustrate just a couple of aspects of Palma which are so totally different and show how multi-faceted a break in the city can be – the iconic cathedral from across the lake of the Parque del Mar and a group of Palm trees on the promenade at Es Molinar.

As an aside, Hofmann also revealed that the country ranking for their survey was Britain first, France second, and Spain third. Interesting?