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Preserve Cala Varques

More environmental protection for a beautiful, natural beach

What more could we want on our holidays than a deserted beach with fine sand, crystal clear waters and surrounded by pine forest, all laid out like a blue gold and green flag? Cala Varques is such a pristine beach and its lure is so great that many more people than is good for it want to go, which if unchecked will lead to the degradation of this lovely place.

cala varques, mallorca

Cala Varques consists of two small sandy coves divided by a rocky outcrop and with fine clear water, ideal for bathing. It has no facilities at all; no sun-loungers, no pedalos, no bar, no showers, no bins, no toilets, and best of all, no Looky Looky men pestering you to buy Ray Ban handbags, Rolex sunglasses and Louis Vuitton watches. In short, it's paradise. Oh and the answer to your question is 'just wade in waist deep.'

Fortunately its very position and geography have come partly to its rescue as Cala Varques are only accessible by boat or by a fairly long walk (about 1.5 km or 15 minutes) down a fairly rough path from the main road, quite an endurance test in the hot sun, as with no facilities at all on the beach, everything has to be carried.

However, Manacor council are still worried that too many people visit the beach in high season and are taking measures to reduce the numbers so that environmental damage is reduced. They've contracted a company of environmental specialists to come up with a plan for this which will be implemented in 2017.

The main problem is to provide safe parking for just enough people that the beach can cope with and discourage illegal parking elsewhere. Last year parking was outlawed on the track down to the beach, causing motorists to park dangerously on the main road where police had a field day handing out large fines an penalty points!

Let's see what scheme the council come up with?

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