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Palma Fotografica 30

A race against the clock to take the best photos of Palma

The calendar is ticking down to the biggest and most unusual photography competition of the year in Palma – the 30th annual Palma Fotografica which takes place on Sunday 24th January. Hundreds of people now take part in the competition which pits artistic and technical skill against the clock, as would be David Baileys have to take 6 photographs in different categories all on the same day!

And it's even more difficult than it sounds because the photographic categories are a closely guarded secret until 09:30 on the Sunday and must be planned and executed by 18:30 that day. As you can imagine, the city is swarming with snappers eager to get the perfect shot that will win the overall competition and a prize of €1000.

However it's not just the financial rewards which spur the camera fanatics on, the best photos are exhibited to the public in Palma's Casal Solleric from 8th March to 3rd April. The comp is open to anyone with a camera - which should be over 12 MP – by paying an €11 entry fee, and any type of lens or sfx can be used as long as the photo is completed on that day.

As I said, hundreds of people enter, young and old, professional and amateur enthusiasts, and the photos produced, despite the time constraints, are really interesting and well worthy of an exhibition spot. I picked a few at random – but also based on size and orientation - to put in our photo gallery. If you like them, you can see more on the Palma Fotografica blog, along with details of how to enter.

Happy snapping everybody