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Manacor beaches up for grabs

News from the beautiful little coves on the coast near Manacor

Gateway to the east coast, Manacor has some stunning little coves, shining like jewels between the green hills and deep blue Mediterranean sea. With only one big resort in the borough, Porto Cristo, it probably isn't such a well known holiday destination, but for those of us who like a bit of peace and tranquillity , it's perfect.

The tourist department of Manacor council is taking steps to raise its profile as a holiday destination with the release of several new videos and posters which show the area off to its best. They cover all the aspects of Manacor's scenery, history, culture, gastronomy, rural hotels and of course, the beaches.

As you can see from the couple of samples we've reproduced here, the landscape is simply stunning and we have to point out that the video, judging by the almond blossom, was actually made in February, which demonstrates just how Mallorca is a perfect year round destination.


As I write, the beach concessions in Manacor are up for grabs in a bidding process where the winner gets the rights to put sunloungers, parasols, kiosko bars, pedalos and the likes on the beaches and charge for them. The starting figure, which will probably go much higher is €225,000, to be able to place 2000 loungers and 1000 parasols on 9 beaches in the borough; Cala Murada, Es Domingos Petit, Cala Domingos, Cala Antena, Cala Estany, Cala Mendia, Cala Anguila, Porto Cristo and Cala Moreia. (Cala means cove btw)

The price the winner can charge is regulated by the council, but you don't have to be Albert Einstein to calculate that there could be a little bit of profit in all this!


However, if you like your beach pleasures pure and simple – just sand and sea – then there are still plenty of completely virgin beaches, untouched by progress around Manacor's coast - Cala Petita, es Caló den Rafelino, Cala Falcó, Cala Sequer, Cala Pilota, Cala Virgili and Cala Bota. Even better, if you're a 'sand gets everywhere' phobic, then there are four pebbly coves just perfect for you; Calas Morlanda, Murta, Magrana and Romaguera.

Oh, and if you're looking for somewhere special to stay down Manacor way, how about a bit of 5 Star rural luxury to get you in the mood for a relaxing day at the beach – La Reserva Rotana which even has its own 9 hole golf course just for guests!


Enjoy the beaches!